There are a number of sandy beaches in the area, although many are under the control of the hotels. However, if you persevere you will find sanctuary at one of the following:

Maiori town centre beach

Maiori central beach is the longest and sandiest part of uninterrupted shore on the Amalfi Coast. It was formed during several floods, and is divided by the concrete mouth of the river. On the whole it is 930 meters long and 40 meters wide. There is sun from the morning till late afternoon, unlike most of the other beached along the Amalfi Coast, where the sun usually disappears in the early afternoon.
There are lidos on the beach, with some of them being run by nearby hotels. They all have the essential beach facilities: umbrellas, sun beds, deckchairs, cold and hot showers, snack bars. Although the beach is large and there are a lot of umbrellas, it is relatively quiet even during high season, with it being ideal for a family holiday. Near the river’s concrete mouth on the pier it is possible to hire motor and pedal boats.

Salicerchie Beach
This small and delightful beach is approx 40 meters long. The name Salicerchie comes from the semi-circular shape of the bay or in reference to an ancient oak tree, “plaia querqua” which is no longer there. The bay is also called Acqua Chiara (clear water) due to the fact that the sea is generally clear due to it being quite deep, or Baia Verde (green bay). The beach is accessible via 160 steps. There is a lido who provides snacks and beach facilities, and half of the beach is public. There is no car park, therefore the beach is never crowded. About 30 meters from the beach on the right side there is a Sulphur Grotto, with a small sulphur-magnesium stream inside. To the left of the beach there is another cave. On the left side of the beach there is also a small hole that takes to a covered cave.

Cala Bellavaia (Dead Horse Beach)

Cala Bellavaia, better known as Cavallo Morto (dead horse) is a delightful beach with horseshoe shape protected from nearly all the winds except the west wind. The beach is very rocky with the dancer of occasional falling rocks. The particular name from the past: the ancient farmers pushed over the cliff’s edge old lame horses and mules which could no longer be used for work: sea storms would wash away the bodies. The beach can be reached by boat only, often it is crowed by boats. The beach is under the sun during the afternoon.

Erchie Beach
Erchie is a small hamlet of Maiori, its beach is one of the most well known and popular on the stretch between Cetara and Amalfi. The beach is windy and the sea very clean. There are several lidos, restaurants and car parking. This beach is so popular that during summer can be crowded.

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